There are many excellent restaurants all over the Casentino. I am listing only the ones closests to Porciano and will leave the other's for you to discover. Ample information and suggestions will be available in the homes.

Restaurants in the Casentino are open for lunch approximately between 12:30 and 2:00 and in the evening from approx. 7:30 to 9:00.

Pizza restaurants and a few others stay open later in the evenings. Family style ones tend to follow the hours indicated above. Restaurants that stay open later in the evening, specially on the week end, are identified with *

All restaurants close one day of the week. This information is posted on the door.

If you want to go to a specific restaurant make sure that they are open that day, and that they take credit cards, if that is how you want to pay.

ATM machines are very common. They are quite visible near the entrance of a bank; they are called "bancomat". Some have instructions in English.



Osteria CARAMBAR *

via A. Ricci 19 tel 0575 504500

closed wednesday

Traditional and creative Tuscan food

Home made desserts

English spoken


Ristorante FILETTO

piazza Tanucci tel 0575 583631

closed saturday

Typical tuscan food

Good ravioli and tortelli (stuffed pasta) Wild boar stew (cinghiale)


Ristorante LA RANA

Via del Campo Sportivo tel 0575 504505

closed thursday

Open only for lunch. Dinner on saturday and sunday evening.

Good tuscan food. Meat on the grill or the spit. Wild boar stew (cinghiale)



via del Municipio 1 tel 0575 583232

closed monday

pasta and pizza served, "take away" pizza too.


Ristorante DA LORIS

closed tuesday

in Papiano, just 10 minutes out of Stia in direction La Calla tel 0575 583680

open for lunch (and for dinner from June to September)

good homemade tortelli and ravioli (stuffed pasta)

scottiglia (mixed meat stew over toasted bread)



via Roma 31 tel 0575 582032

closed tuesday

florentine steak - fish - tortelli (typical stuffed pasta)

pizza only in the evening

english spoken. Also some spanish and french



Opposite the train station in Stia tel 0575 583843

open only for lunch monday through friday

Simple basic tuscan food

excellent ham (prosciutto) of their own production (Prosciutto di Petraglia)

good pecorino cheese




Via della Libertà 3 tel 0575 582120

open for lunch. Open for dinner only on fridays.

happy hour on saturdays till 9 p.m. (no dinner served)

closed sunday and monday

imaginative tuscan food with ...a special "twist"



Via Roma 1 - Pratovecchio tel 0575 583377

closed tuesday and wednesday

open only for dinner, reservations requested

creative and typical local dishes English spoken


Restaurant Pizzeria I 4 CANTONI

via Uffenheim 10 tel 0575 582696

closed monday

Pizza only in the evening. Their specialty is homemade pasta


Restaurant Pizzeria L'OASI DI SAMIRA

via A Minucci 1 tel 0575 504615

closed tuesday

basic traditional cooking - by reservation arab menu available for a minimum of ten


On the way to Stia and Pratovecchio


località Scarpaccia tel 0575 504074

on road SP70 from Florence at the turn off for Stia and Pratovecchio

closed friday

simple snacks with local bread and their own prosciutto and salame


case vacanze borgo di porciano


Holidays in Porciano

case vacanze borgo di porciano
Enjoy a unique holiday in a traditional tuscan cottage on the castle grounds.


Castello di Porciano