Their wedding in Florence in 1946Flaminia Goretti de Flamini and George Anderson Specht met in Florence at the end of W.W. II, where they then were married on July 3rd 1946. After their initial decision of living in the States they eventually changed their mind and decided to make Italy their home. Their only daughter Martha, actual owner of the castle of Porciano, was born in 1950.

Since 1963 George and Flaminia worked together on recuperating and restoring the castle, which was inherited by Flaminia in a state of ruin. They both fell for this grand project to which they dedicated most of their assets, despite the partial contribution from the Italian Bureau of Arts.
During the restoration the main water cistern and two minor ones were discovered, together with other interesting architectural elements. Numerous archeological findings, datable from the 14th to the 18th century are now on view in the museum.


Unfortunately George never saw the restoration completed and never lived in the home in the castle. He died suddenly in 1973, before the end of the works.
Flaminia continued their project through many problems and difficulties. In 1978 both the home in the castle and the little museum were inaugurated.

Flaminia chose to spend her later years in Porciano, in her beloved Casentino Valley. She enjoyed organizing cultural events which brought to life the castle and promoted tourism in the Casentino. She died at 99 and now rests together with her husband in the shade of the tower in the tiny cemetery of Porciano.

Martha now continues to mantain and promote this ancient castle keeping alive her parents dream.

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case vacanze borgo di porciano


Holidays in Porciano

case vacanze borgo di porciano
Enjoy a unique holiday in a traditional tuscan cottage on the castle grounds.


Castello di Porciano