museo-strettoioThe great tower is the country home to the owner and her family. The Museum of the Castle occupies the three lower floors of the tower. Antique domestic and agricultural items and archeological findings are on display. Explanatory panels both in English and Italian.

logo-eco-museo-del-casentinoThe museum is part of a network of local museums, Ecomuseums of the Casentino.

Open Sundays and holidays between May and October from 10 am to 12 noon and from 4 pm to 7 pm.
Please for further information contact: +39.0575.582.635

For safety reasons on certain opening days the museum will be accessible only through guided tours which will be held at specific hours, posted at the entrance gate.

museumGround Floor

Local, antique, domestic and farming material connected to the times of sharecropping (mezzadria). Small collection of Native American objects related to the life of the father of the owner, George A. Specht. Some pioneer articrafts are also on display.

First Floor

The cases contain archeological findings which date principally from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The material is described in detail on recently installed bilingual panels. A scale model of the castle completes the all overview.

Salone di Dante castello di Porciano

Second Floor

Dante's Hall, a large room with two symmetric windows on each side of the fireplace.. This was the hall where all the most important activities of the Castle took place. Here the Counts Guidi offered banquets, administered justice and received ambassadors. Here Dante Alighieri, during his exile from Florence, found inspiration for his masterpiece, The Divine Comedy. Dante's Hall is now used in many different ways; it is possible to rent the hall for lectures, seminars and small events.


case vacanze borgo di porciano


Holidays in Porciano

case vacanze borgo di porciano
Enjoy a unique holiday in a traditional tuscan cottage on the castle grounds.


Castello di Porciano